Bed Bug Exterminator Dallas Chronicles

The search for the bed bugs solution often leads us to the solutions being tried almost half a century before today. The most effective chemical for these bugs in the past had been the DDT. The use of it has been abandoned for its harmful side effects on the environment and human health. If we see the shelves of the hardware store for the chemical replacement of DDT or some effective solution for the bed bugs the answer is often quite confusing. All is not lost there are some quite effective ways to get the bed bugs under control with chemicals easily too. Visit us for great deals in Bed Bug Exterminator Dallas – Dallas Bed Bug Treatment

There are many chemicals that are quite effective in solving bed bugs problem, some of them are enlisted bellow.

• Borax
• Diatomaceous
• Phenothrin
• Isopropanol,
• Deltamethrin
• Baking Soda

The most interesting chemical that might not be enlisted there in this list is found abundantly around us. It’s the simple tap water. The hot water is quite effective to kill any bed bugs that might be residing inside your bedding, curtains and other cloths that might have their eggs due to traveling or any other purpose.

Borax is no that expensive chemical, and it can be found in most of the hardware stores. It has been known to carry repellent abilities against the bugs. The fine borax can be applied around the different locations where the bugs might be residing. The use of borax is often not taken in the homes as it needs to be applied and keep permanently for some time before it starts to show some results.

Another good answer for this problem is often the diatomaceous earth. This works in the same principle as borax as this is fine dust created from diatomite. Many parents approve this as good household chemical as its harmless to the humans and small pets. The last word on starting the chemical path is that you should use them in moderation as chemicals tend to be quite strong if not used carefully.