Anti-aging skin care-Modern non-surgical methods to Rejuvenate your Face

In our late twenties and early thirties, changes in skin ageing begin. The first changes are starting to show around the eyes, skin wrinkles and crow’s feet. Later on our skin starts losing elasticity and skin sag occurs in the cheeks and around the ears. Get more information about med spa.

Earlier, laxity occurs along the collar and the jaw line. In our fifties and sixties we see lines of mouth to nose called the labial nasal fold, a deep line running from the corner of the eye to the cheek, called the deformity of the tear trough, and jowls, excess skin along the jaw line. Loose skin of the neck can also drop and produce a double chin which is often referred to as the turkey wattle.

How Our Eyes Age About 80 percent of ageing is hereditary and our Genes programmed. The other 20 per cent is how we live with the environment. This 20 per cent may have an enormous impact on how we feel. We’ve also seen heavy smoking sun worshippers who are 30 years old who feel like they’re 50.

Wearing sun block, eating a healthy diet, exercising, avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol, and managing stress are the best preventive measures we can take to control the 20 percent component of environmental ageing.

What are the effective Facial Skin Care methods for Anti-aging?

Topical Topical Skin Creams-Retin A, a topical cream is the only skin cream authorized by the FDA to counteract improvements in skin aging. Retin A is the only topical cream that has been confirmed in clinical studies, after more than 30 years of research. Why would you use some other thing?

Image Face-Intense Pulsed Light-IPL-These systems use a specific color pulse of visible light that destroys pigment and/or tiny facial blood vessels. Image facial or IPL operates on dark age spots and red blood vessels on the surface of the nose, back, hands and d├ęcolletage. There is no need for anesthetic, and no downtime. Upon diagnosis, you may be purple for some hours. IPL or facial photography doesn’t remove wrinkles.

Ablative Fractional Laser Therapy-New lasers with fractional (one laser beam split into many) erbium and CO2 lasers can exfoliate deeply the facial skin to improve the wrinkles and remove pigment. Upon therapy the skin looks fresher and youthful. A topical anesthetic is needed and for 5-7 days you will be bright-about a third of the downtime of the previous conventional laser skin resurfacing.

Non-ablative fractional laser therapy-Non-ablative fractional erbial lasers do not crack the tissue, so downtime is limited if any. Four treatments are expected, around four weeks apart. The non-ablative fractional lasers are good for removing pigment and plumping scars in the skin and acne. They’re less successful for wrinkle reduction than ablative fractional lasers.

Skin tightening technology-New skin tightening devices are available that can stretch the skin, but only 20-30 percent are the best results. They are used on the neck, cheeks and jaw line. These are not effective enough to fix the extremely sagging skin, but can be beneficial in younger people with good skin who are just starting to see loose facials.

Botox-Botox relaxes the muscles creating frown lines, concern lines, lip lines and the paws of the crow. It can also be used in small amounts to lessen jowls and neck bands. Botox “is an ideal method of avoiding lasting lines in the regions described.