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When your air conditioner makes up such a big chunk of your monthly energy costs, it should be a high priority during the warmer months of the year to ensure it is in good working order. Learn about can homeowners issues, things to look for, and air conditioning repairs in Atlanta to be prepared for any problems that can arise. Visit us on Air conditioning service near me.

Strange noises from your AC

In addition to the rare, intermittent sound of the turning on and off of your AC, you can not hear noises emanating from the air conditioning systems in your house. If you ever hear noisy, odd noises you should immediately have them tested.

The blower assembly or motor normally triggers banging or thumping sounds coming from your AC. Shut down the machine and assess breakdown.

In general, rattling sounds means that something has fallen loose or broken off, so search for missing or loose bits to make sure it is balanced correctly.

Squealing or screaming noises also indicate that there is a belt problem, which is often cheap to fix. Seek to replace your belts until they totally wear out and break.

What Scent Is That?

Moldy odors that come from your AC unit will cause a fungus to grow inside the unit, and should be cleaned as soon as possible. Strong smells like rotten eggs can mean an animal has died within or around the device, and a “stinky feet” smell can be created by stagnant water within the system. If you detect odd or offensive odours, check for triggers or get it washed out and handled professionally.

See Going Up Your Bills?

Whether your energy bills were gradually ramping up or unexpectedly skyrocketing, the rise is worth noticing. You may have a leak, a broken component or an upgradable unit. Ac devices that are over 15 years old should be replaced, because newer models would be more energy-efficient as well as easier to keep the temperatures stable and constant in your home.


When the refrigerant is small, this may mean that it has not been properly installed or that your device has a leak. Leaks will be patched, checked and paid appropriately. Not only can refrigerant leaks harm the environment, but unsuitable charges will make your system less efficient.

Air-flow problem

Unless the air in your home doesn’t flow like it should, it might mean you’ve got some form of blockage. Clean the waves, ducts and outdoor systems to ensure that the coils are not frozen.

User Error-Most common issue

In all honesty, operational errors are the most common problem you ‘re likely to run into with your home’s AC. Windows left open, doors not properly locked, failing to turn down your thermostat, lack of insulation, cooling unused rooms and other errors will cause problems for your air conditioning system and raise energy costs. Professionals in Atlanta who are trained in air-conditioning repair will help you fix your device to maximize efficiency.