Advice on Replacing Missing Teeth

There can be different reasons for a person to have a missing tooth or teeth. As one grows old, he is expected to lose a few teeth due to poor oral care. At the same time, even young people can lose a tooth or two in their early years due to an accident. Whatever is the reason behind losing teeth, it is not easy to live a normal life without teeth and you would like to replace them with new ones if that is possible. Unfortunately teeth can not be regenerated more than once and if you are an adult with a missing front tooth or even a missing premolar, you will find it hard to live a normal life. In such a case you have to look out for the ways by while you can replace your missing teeth with an artificial one. Let us discuss more about this subject in this article.I strongly suggest you to visit pediatric dentist to learn more about this.

There are two popular methods of replacing missing teeth. The first one is by using dentures and the second one is by dental implant. The first method is mostly done by aged people who have lost most of their teeth due to their age. In this case dentures are prepared for them that can help them with cutting and chewing soft and semi solid food. Dental implant is best when one or a couple of tooth needs to be replaced. The process involves different stages and can take a few months to complete. However, the results are satisfactory and once the teeth are implanted then they can be used just like natural teeth,

An important point needs to be considered carefully in case of partial tooth replacement. At times when a person develops a cavity in a tooth, then he has two options with him. He can either get it filled or else the whole tooth has to be removed. The same situation arises in case of a half broken tooth. In each of these cases the person has the option of either keeping the half tooth or replacing it permanently. It is strongly recommended to keep the tooth as far as possible as there is nothing that can make up for an original tooth. A dental implant should only be considered as an option when there is no chance of saving the original tooth; till you can save the natural tooth, there is no need to replace it with anything else.