Advantage Of Quartz Countertops

Buying a new house is not something everyone can manage to do. Of course, the reality that everybody has a dream house is undeniable, and whether you are married, you tend to swap your dreams with your partner and build a combined dream house with your whole family. The Dream House is not all about the space and luxury that can be inherited by your child after your life. At a certain amount in time, it is not about the valuation of the house on the market, while people choose to sell their houses at one point of time and settle for modern modular homes. You may treat it as an advantage in general, but dream house implies more in general than the term.Have a look at Granite Depot of Lexington for more info on this.

The decoration and description of each and every division of your home is also a dream house. In general, based on the total space, you have the master bedroom, a few other bedrooms, baths, kitchen, dining room, garden etc. The rooms will usually be furnished and categorised as a child’s nursery, a research area, a devotional room, a music and recreation room, a library, etc. Invariably, each woman needs the ideal kitchen. It is regarded as her area and she has the right to plan the kitchen as per her desires and the core of the kitchen is shaped by countertops.

On the market, there are many varieties of countertops available in varying sizes , designs, sinks, textures and colours. The advantages over engineered countertops such as corian, formica, etc. of natural stone such as quartz countertops are very excellent. The quartz countertops often perform differently than granite countertops.

It is a blend of the strongest characteristics of natural stone surfaces and laminate counters. The quartz countertops on the market are very fresh and have only been seen in recent years. They have gained attention since they were used in remodelling kitchens and the granite industry has begun to face intense competition. Granite has lost its aura and it has to be reported that for decades when it comes to kitchens, granite has been the preference for interior decorators and architects.

95 percent of crushed quartz and 5 percent of polymers produce Quartz countertops. This element has contributed to scratch evidence and almost maintenance free for infusing products. The variety of quartz countertops with various shades, varying from monolithic black to transparent white to sandy browns, has also given birth.

Color options draw consumers rather than conventional ones, and with increasing choices for kitchen floors and cabinets, it is important to align the colour of the countertop with the rest of the kitchen for each designer.


  1. It is the countertop that is the most robust
  2. It is simple to mount quartz tiles or slabs on walls,
  3. Variety of shades for artists
  4. Edges tailored
  5. Like the granite countertop, they may not need to be sealed
  6. Fast installation of sink under Mount
  7. Installing faucets directly
  8. Heat tolerance which may therefore be put on the top of hot pans and pots
  9. Adds importance to your house and kitchen

10. It is immune to infection and thus has a longer life.