5 Tips To Buy Fashion Online

To buy or not to buy online, I hear you ask…….Me I love it! Being a very busy career professional with very little time to shop I turned to online fashion about 2 yrs ago. I generally know what I’m looking for and can easily find those items online in half the amount of time it would take me to get in my car and head to the shops. Now some of you may enjoy the time you get strolling through the shops, but I just don’t physically have the time. Hence my new found passion, online fashion!why women are choosing to buy fashion online

So where do you know to look?, how do you know what size to buy?, how long does it take to arrive? or how do you know if the website is legit?! Well that’s where I come in. With the past 2yrs experience in buying online and now knowing where to buy, Here are my Top 5 Tips to Buying Online Fashion. Now I have had my fair share of learning experiences, some of them hilarious (maybe another time I can tell you that story), so I can confidently assure you if you follow my Top 5 Tips you won’t go wrong, pinky swear!

What are they? Well here they are:

1) Refunds & Exchanges – A good online fashion website will have a Customer Service or FAQ’s area that clearly states its refunds & exchanges policy. You should be able to return the item for refund, exchange or credit if your reason is fair. Some examples may be too big, too small or damaged. Generally your item will arrive with a Return & Exchange form for easy processing.

2) Size Chart – This is a must with any decent online fashion site. The Size Chart should give you the measurement of each size they use for easy reference. A very good site will also go further and provide measurements if the item has stretchy material.

3) Secure Payment – Look for websites that have a secure way of paying. These will have a padlock at the bottom of the screen when you are filling in the payment details. Paypal is a very easy and secure way to pay for your items and it includes direct debit from your bank account & credit cards.

4) Shipping/Postage – The shipping/postage time frame should be clearly stated under the Customer Service, FAQ’s or Shipping/Postage area. These prices can be pricey so make sure you check these before you buy. You also need to know how long your item will take to arrive and if they guarantee delivery or your money back.

5) Privacy Protection – Be sure to check the Privacy Statement to see what they will do with your personal information.